September 17th, 2001


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Tonight was fun. Good time with markle. went to golden gardens but was unable to find anyone. I guess everyone missed everyone else this time, which is unfortunate.

We then stopped by mobley's place and talked and listened to music for a while. Once I came to the conclusion that I was hungry, we walked to stella's and randomly bumped into meena and evan, who were eating there.

Was talking to phatfhorn on aim when I got home.
phatfhorn2001: whatcha doin'
cac0f0ny: nothing really
phatfhorn2001: porn?
cac0f0ny: close, livejournal
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Patriotism is so last week

Work seemed slow today. Was patriotism a fad? not many people looking for flags today. oh well.

Heading out to meet up with chris and abel for food. must leave now. bye.
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