September 13th, 2001


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for yesterday being such a wacky day, i guess today balanced it all out by having nothing really interesting happening. that's fine. the world needed a break.
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No TMBG Concert.

Everyone here at TMBG would like to thank all the folks who wrote in asking about how we are. I'm glad to say that all the members of the Band, our management and crew and our families are fine. Although we are based in the New York City Area, none of us live or work in Southern Manhattan.

As we all reel from the after effects and try to comprehend what has happened, our thoughts and love go out to all the victims and their families.

Unfortunately, the following shows have been cancelled. As of now we are unable to leave NYC for the West Coast.

9/12 Boise, ID Big Easy Concert House
9/13 Seattle, WA Moore Theatre
9/14 Eugene, OR Eugene Celebration
9/15 Portland, OR Reed College
9/16 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom

Please check back daily for further updates.

Please give blood and do anything you can locally for the people of NYC - we all are.


Damn. That sucks. I need to keep getting ready for work now. I'm running a bit late.
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so since the tmbg concert was cancelled. i need to come up with something else to do. I turn to livejournal for help and it comes through, as per usual. OBCON is making a comeback for tonight. It's been a long time since we have done this and it should be fun. and since I live right next to outback, it's not out of my way to show up. excellent.

last night, i got the new tori amos album cause i have mad skillz like that. I also got the new sneaker pimps album, but haven't listened to it yet. and then today, i bought the new tmbg album. it sounds like your standard tmbg fair. but still, it's fun to listen to.
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