September 10th, 2001


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Today was a good day. I didn't even have to use my AK.
Went to sundazed, which is the last one this year and maybe the last one ever apparently. that would be sad if it was true cause it's a cool thing going on.

I got to meet lots of cool people today. Ashley introduced moleque to me, who seems really cool. I also meet some friends of erin's who were pretty neat. and I also met this guy who was this hardcore contact juggler. Lots of fun talking to new people.
Everyday, I feel like I am getting a little more confident. I used to be so very shy and never talked in groups at all. But I seem to be getting more confident all the time and this makes me feel better about myself all the time. it's nice.

after sundazed, we went and saw wet hot american summer. it was good, but not quite as enjoyable the second time around. oh well. it's still damn funny and totally worth seeing.
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