August 30th, 2001


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How about a overall day summary? that sounds like fun.
I got up and helped my mom get ready for her silly tea & hat party. This required me going into Issaquah and getting balloons at PFL. I stopped by soundstations in hope to get vespertine, but they didn't get the replacements for the defective discs yet. So I went home instead. Once my mom's party started, I was asked to do a little contact juggling performance. I was nervous about it, but everyone was very encouraging. I actually did pretty good, too. Nowhere near the point where I would actually perform it for more people, but it was a neat little starting point.

I talked to markle on the phone for a little bit about weekend plans. Since Wet Hot American Summer opens in seattle this weekend, I must go see it. So the plan is to go on sunday at 1:00 and then after the movie, head down to Bumbershoot. Sunday will be my only chance to spend a whole day at bumbershoot so I would like to take that one and only change. And anyways, the Red Elvises play on sunday so there is even a good band that day. Rock.

After making the plans for the weekend, I headed into Seattle to see Made. It was an alright film. Nothing great, like swingers, but it was entertaining and funny. I really like Jon Favreau. He is really funny.
After the movie, I went over to adam's. We got some food, and played some go. I haven't been playing go at all and it's really obvious in my game. I absolutely sucked. I should be playing more if i want to keep the game up at all. Oh well.

We went over to tower and mobley met up with us. Then there was DOA2 action going on. Adam's friends showed up from their long road trip too. A nice conclusion to a fun day.

What's this crap about me writing long entries?!!??! There must be something wrong.
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home from work. spent the day doing napkins. ho-hum.

I think I'll go to that spoken word thing tonight. Need to leave shortly to meet up with people i guess.

evan made an interesting post today. I have been trying to think of a response to it. the porn industry is such an interesting thing. It has been leading the internet in technology and money. There will be a market for it even went other dotcoms die and are unable to hold a user base.
The real question is about art, though. At what point does does the erotic art no longer become art? Does it ever stop becoming art? I remember reading an argument once that was stating that if child porn could be considered art, then it could be legal. This is kind of disturbing. Or is the label "art" getting tossed around too easily? I'm not really sure.

well, I was going to leave shortly 30 minutes ago. then started writing. I'm going to eat something and then I'll leave. it's not a big deal if I'm late.
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