August 23rd, 2001


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had dinner over at mark's place. good spaghetti. yum. After that, we moved on to a movie. We watch "empire strikes back" so that we could move on with out star wars trilogy watching fest. heh. Jedi should get watched sometime this weekend. depends on free time, i suppose.
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Where are you from? The happy world of bunnies?

Watched "waking the dead". i borrowed that dvd from adam. That movie was really good. Quite impressed.
I was going to watch "a better place" which i bought today, but it wasn't working in my player. it does seem to work in the computer player, though. i have started watching it now. liking it so far.

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movie is over.
it was good.
i'm tired
my arm is sore
i work in the morning
i always stay up too late
i sleep now
hopefully i will get up without any problems
cross your fingers
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home from work. tonight's plans are to go to gameworks with mark and meet up with erin. gameworks is always a fun thing to do.

I'm eating nerds candy right now. it's very tasty.
Boycrazy is a good band. I like the catchy tunes.
My right arm still hurts a bit. I'm not sure how i hurt it.
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