August 12th, 2001


Look mom! content!

Blackalicious was absolutely amazing. It's easily in the top 5 concerts I have ever seen. Gift of Gab just grabs your attention and you can't ever look away. Except when Lateef starts going, and then you are like "Oh my god". This group is someone I need to be spending money on. The music endlessly impresses.
And then the venue, the sky room at the EMP, was really impressive as well. Despite what people might say about the outside of the EMP, the inside was made for the music. The light show was impressive, the sound system was beautiful. I hope I get to see other shows there in the future.

After the concert, me and my crew (mobley, evan, hijinx, and erik) when to the Goondocks for some quality chillin' time. But not before stopping by Safeway and meeting an interesting homeless guy who was holding two cans of mickey's and these scary sickle like sticks. he kept on talking about how the ambulance kidnaped him and forced him to do drugs and then pointed to the track marks on his arms.
At the goondocks, I got to see the regular crew, as well as meet aquariah. She mentioned that by reading quent's friend's page, she knew all about me. Then she stoked her fingers through my hair. She seems like quite the interesting person, although my only perspective is of her drunk.

Oh, I forgot to mention this. Before the concert tonight, I was going to see a movie. But before I had made a choice as to what movie, allison called me. I ended up hanging out with her for about 2 hours until she had to work. Every time I hang out with her, the little nagging pain that is there gets a little smaller. Made time really does heal?

Tomorrow, I have my class again.
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I am done with my networking class for the day. It was kinda boring today. We talked about Novell the entire time, but we don't have any novell netware computers to work with.

I seem to remember having to do something tonight. I think there was dinner plans at kathy and mike's maybe? I think I'll call over there to make sure. if not, maybe they know what's happening.

oh wait, people just got home. I'll be clued in yet!
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