August 6th, 2001


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goal: 6 hours of sleep. can he do it? only time will tell.
i think it mostly depends on if i actually go to bed after i post this or not.
i currently think i will, cause i have poked around the internet enough tonight and am feeling tired now.
hopefully, i won't get distracted by anything on the 3 foot trip to my bed, eh?

tonight, i was playing with the insanity script. I somehow got the best message for my journal i have ever seen. just to prove the script actually spit this out, dl took a screenshot as proof.
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    Harold Budd and Hector Zazou - Pandas in tandem

dear internet, could you stop sucking?

work was alright. slow and boring as usual. but after work, i went to the cd store and spent some money. I found both "the princess and the warrior" soundtrack and "hedwig and the angry inch" soundtrack. now i own both of them. :)

the cable modem seems to be suffering right now. It's dropping lots of packets and isn't maintaining connections well at all. :/ I wonder if they are working on something or what. whatever is wrong, it's quite annoying. packet loss is much too high.

hanging out here, i suppose. kinda tired so i think i will lay down for a bit.
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    hedwig and the angry inch