August 5th, 2001


richard lee is a fixture of wallingford

had a good time over at m&m's place. the new apartment is really nice. i approve.
the dinner was quite good as well. melissa did a bang up job, if you ask me. a lot of chilling and listening to music happened mostly. most enjoyable, though.

tomorrow should be a fun day. i'm getting up and going to class at 1. at my class, i think i will install linux on my computer, just because i can. should be amusing. after the class, party for less is have an official employee party/get together. they are paying for free games of bowling and dinner for the employees. isn't that nice of them?

haven't been getting enough sleep recently. quite tired and am going to crash soon.

new dvds.... drool

getting ready for the class. i should leave soon cause of seafair traffic. I90 is closed so everyone will be taking 520. oh boy.

on a side note:
there is some great dvds being released soon. I can't wait.
The simpsons : the complete first season
Citizen Kane
The godfather series
Princess Bride: special edition

That's a lot of money to be spending. At least my birthday is coming soon and I can ask from some of this stuff, right?

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class was interesting and enjoyable. we played everyone's favorite game "install windows nt". it filled the time nicely. hehe.
now it's time for that bowling party. it should be fun, i think.

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code red doesn't like my server.
patrick@navi:/var/httpd/log $ grep default.ida * | wc -l

bowling was fun. my team won best overall score so i got a free tower gift certificate. hooray! since there isn't a lot to do right now (my family is watching the mariners), i am heading on out to adam's. we shall chill.