July 15th, 2001


gamefest 2001 in review

gamefest 2001 was a blast. so many video games, i hit overload a bit. It was craziness. My arms are really tired from playing this silly maraca game on the dreamcast. it was just like that wacky dancing game, except instead of dancing on a mat, you instead shake the maracas to the beat.
it was also cool just to see so many cool people. ahh, quite happy to have been there. :)

should go to bed soon since my class is tomorrow. but then, i don't have to be too awake for it. heh.
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you drive me crazy with that boogy-woogy-woogy-woogy!

How come I always want to write long entries when I don't have the time. I really want to write a personal essay for this journal right now, but I have to leave for my class soon. Maybe I'll write it there on paper or something.

Yea, so the class is today. I'll be out of there around 5. maybe something interesting will be going down tonight.

arg, my arms are still sore from that fscking maracas game last night. the price I pay for enjoyment.
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The class moved by really quickly. while I was there, I was playing with cygwin, which works a whole lot better then it did about 6 months ago when I last played with it. The only thing I was really using on it was ssh at the class, but I'm sure there are many useful things that I could have been using with it, had I just thought about it.

practicing rolling that ball on my hands now. I'm doing quite will for two weeks of practice. :)
My left hand still needs work, though.
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