July 12th, 2001


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Bruce Campbell was pretty cool. It was really really crowded there and i got there just as it was starting because traffic sucked really bad. He answered questions for about 30 minutes and then started signing stuff. I was going to get my army of darkness dvd signed but I didn't want to wait a couple hours for that. So I left with toddv and met up with hijinx. We chilled at solstice for a while and went to red robin. Adam proceeded to flirt with our waitress. He is the mack daddy.

when I got home, i watched tv with mike. Caught the new south park episode. It was very funny. radiohead was in it, too. yay.

bedtime now. work in the morning at 10.
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vcd woes

Right now, I'm dreaming about making a vcd, but alas, the software is not coming through. Having problems finding decent software that I can use right now and don't have to put down $80.
unfortunately, windows does not come with a decent burning that will make vcd. feh.
as much as I would like to watch some videos on my dvd player, i may just have to stick with watching them on the computer for now.

anyways, just sticking around here for a while. playing with computers and trying to find something that will interest me.
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