May 31st, 2001


I'm going to play the "Sucks to be you!" card now

I made it to Big5 and got to buy shoes tonight. yay! I actually called up nighthawk and I met him there. Abel, being the mad sexy guy that he is, gave me a mad liet discount which was great. It's good to know people on the inside.

after big5, i went back to thoc with chris and ate some pizza and drank their soda. Then we played this crazy card game where the idea is that people are roommates and they are pissing each other off, all while trying to improve one's own slack. It was a fantastic game and i would like to play it again sometime.

now it's time for bed. I'm tired. I need sleep. I am working in the morning. But at least tomorrow is payday.
ahh money, how i love thee. let me count the ways.
One, one thousand!
Two, one thousand!
three, one thousand!
four, one thousand!
five, one thousand!
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flash back episode

I have a headache. I'm having trouble thinking of things to write.
I've been reading older entries in my journal looking for something specific, but I haven't found it. Too many entries to look through. :/

I have found other amusing entries, though.
Man, funk dat!
Monkey Noises
Me too, Sarge?
Erin writes in my journal
I took off my finger
Sexy Student Nurses

That's good for now. Nothing of substance to post, though. Think of this post as a flash black episode or something. :)
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