May 28th, 2001


Day in Review

Today I saw another SIFF movie. It is called O and it was the world premiere of the film. Directed by Timothy Blake Nelson, it's the story of othello set in modern times at a high school. I really liked this movie. It was written really well and the casting was perfect. Nelson was at the viewing to answer questions after the movie was over and mentioned that it will be coming out in general release in August. Apparently, he finished it back in late 1998, but because of the columbine shootings, was unable to release the movie because it deals with the issue of school shootings. It's one to look out for.

After the movie, I called adam and found that everyone was headed to golden gardens for sundazed. So I went out there to meet up with them. There was a lot of people I knew there, too. Not only adam, evan, meena ryan and carley, but also erin, alex, tiff, scott and others. woo, fun times. :)

After sundazed ended, we wandered around there some more and watched people spin fire for a bit. Then I took evan and meena back and then kicked it with adam, ryan and janice. I played lots of Tony hawk 2 and ate denny's food. heh.

I have to work tomorrow. Why am I still up?
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Work was slow today. But that was to be expected, right?

When I got home, my parent's talked to me about moving on with my life. This is something that needs to happen, but I'm struggling with where I want to go. But they told me that if I don't find a direction by september, my direction will be the military. hrm...

quent's BBQ is tonight. Tis gonna rock, I say. Rock!

This song is so pretty. ahh...
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