May 18th, 2001


feeling better

having not touched anything more with this silly livejournal server tonight, i'm doing ok. just zoning out and listening to fantastic music.

i think i will go to bed now. sleep will do me good.
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I get home from work and lo and behold, there is a box that has arrived for me! My webcam is here. now it's time to hack and figure out how to do usb in linux. fun fun.

i'll work on this for a while until around 7 when i'm going to have dinner with erik, abbie and adam. erik mentioned a movie afterwords too. sounds like a good plan to me.

cam camcamcamcmamca!@$#!@#
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hooray for linux

compile kernel with usb support.
read README and see i left usb file system support.
recompile kernel with usb file system support.
read FAQ and see i left out video 4 linux.
recompile kernel with video 4 linux.

i'm mowing the lawn while i wait for it to compile. nothing like killing time while the kernel compiles. :)

time to finish the lawn.
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