April 29th, 2001


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plans have developed for the day. hanging with erin, and i'm also paying back erik.

this requires me to get ready for the day now.
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    Massive Attack - 04 - Inertia Creeps

bullet lists for dummies

dinner at kathy & mike's. quite good. the reason is because it's my mom's birthday. these are important things to remember, but i'm never really all that good about it. i'll buy a gift tomorrow when i get paid. i am broke now.

let's see, let's see...
  • brad gave me a perm account. that's swell of him. :)
  • everyone should go over here and congratulate tim. he is the man.
  • I like playing LORD. it brings back memories. I'm cac0f0ny on that game. there could be some confusion because there is actually a player with the name patrick on there too. I would really love to play BRE, though. that was the door game i was all about.
  • there isn't really enough exciting things that have happened to list with bullet points. oh well.