April 27th, 2001


doot doot

go night was great. it was just three of us, but it was good times. i got to play jake an interesting game, and although i lost by around 50 or 60 points, i gave it my best and learned some more from it.

oh, and i love the topic directory. i have been getting some comments on old entries of mine that are in there. it's fun to get comments on posts that i made 6 months ago.
that reminds me, i have a list of suggestions for the topic directory.
hey brad, should i email them to you or post them to the suggestions community? A couple of them will improve interest a bit, but also a couple of them are just for us screeners. :)
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(no subject)

up and getting ready. same old same old.

livejournal consumes my time in the morning when i have none.
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in n' out

i just got home from work, but i'm not sticking around. i'm off to seattle right now to meet up with people who are headed for the modest mouse concert.

woo hoo!!
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