April 25th, 2001


go night

go makes me happy. i haven't gotten to go to go night since my car accident. i've only been going thursdays. two days a week will do me good.
got to play two games tonight. first with mark who proceeded to kick my ass, and then with aaron who i beat by almost as much as mark beat me. it was fun, though.

going to read for a bit and then to bed. have things to do tomorrow, although they aren't work. yay!
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    Peter Gabriel - Of These, Hope-Lazarus

(no subject)

it's so hot today. i'm dying.
went out for lunch with erin. we drove around for a good while trying to figure out where we want to eat. finally, we ended up on broadway and got some great mexican food. i was so full after eating, i could explode. it was great.
then we proceeded to wander for a bit before getting tired and heading back to the quah. it was good times for all.

now that i'm back home, i really want to spend some time digging into my book but i'm talking to ali right now and may head out to seattle again to hang with her.
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    Peter Gabriel - Passion