April 7th, 2001


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so i was at work today and kim stopped by. she offered to give me a ride from there and also to hang out for the day.
after work, we killed some time at my house chatting and such. grabbed some dvds and then went out to seattle. we went to get food at little thai (yet another thai restaurant in the u-district). that place was quite good. must return sometime. then we went to get jeff from his work. when we came back we started watching movies. i showed off some clerks episodes and then we watched the modern day classic 'bring it on'.

overall, i had a great time hanging with kim during the day. i never get to do that enough. now i back home and getting ready to sleep. working at 10:30 in the morning. i wish i wasn't, though. more interesting things are happening during the day. drat.
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