April 5th, 2001



couple things before i go to bed.
1. I finished uploading the pictures. they are all pretty and wonderful and pretty wonderful. go look at all my beautiful friends. :)
2. I saw that new show 'that's my bush!' on comedy central. pretty goddamn funny if you ask me. only trey parker and matt stone would have a fetus riding a dog in their live action television show. those two are geniuses. i swear.
3. it's much too late to keep staying up tonight. and i got up too early this morning. i'm pretty tired.
4. not sure why i'm still numbering. oh well, i like numbers.
5. the internet connection is being quite slow tonight. :(
6. ok, the pictures and thumbnails are up and in place. i would write some descriptions for the pictures, but i'm tired and need to go to bed.

sleep now...
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i'm home from work. work was quite slow today. nothing special to report.

i'm kinda bored now. updated some of the picture info on the new pictures i uploaded. there are some other things i should do, but i'm sort of tired. thinking about a nap. it's not like i can really go anywhere anyways.
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my dad is letting me borrow the car so i'm going to be heading out to seattle shortly. i decided i was going to try changing some things on the network to see if i could fix some of the lag i have been experiencing. so far things seem moving faster, but it's hard to say. my dad wants me to disconnect the house network and just plug in his computer so he can call and troubleshoot.

so what i did was this. i was using the private network for my local network. it's always seemed fine, but one day my brother-in-law pointed this out to me.

moonunit:~# traceroute yahoo.com
traceroute to yahoo.com (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 navi ( 0.553 ms 0.525 ms 0.376 ms
2 ( 49.438 ms 40.124 ms 72.240 ms
3 r1-fe1-3-100bt.sttls1.wa.home.net ( 55.693 ms 41.639 ms 11.073 ms

notice the first hop outside of my network. that's my gateway to the internet, which i have as, but att has it as which is a private ip in the same class a i was using. i think there may have been some problems due to this. so instead of wonder if it is causing problems, i figured i'll just change my private network ip. so now i'm using for the network. when i first switched, things seemed to be moving much quicker. we shall have to see if it lasts. sorry to bore you with details of my network. :P

so now, i'm heading out to seattle for go night. yay.
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