March 26th, 2001


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went to the store to buy milk. now, instead of going to bed, i am playing with the random feature. i haven't played with it in a long while so this is amusing. what's even more amusing is this journal which i decided would be fun to try and read. it's all in german so i run it through babelfish and see what comes out. and it seems to be pure angst. quite amusing.
also reading some other journals that happen to be in english, but just aren't as amusing. i should go to bed now, though.
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i'm getting ready now. here is the plan for this morning. my dad is going to show up around 8:30 and we are heading out to get a rental car. once i get the car, then i have to go to work. must be there at 10.
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as soon as i got home from work, i was told that we are having dinner at some people's house. so i'm heading over there now. there isn't a lot for me to do, so i guess i'll bring a book. the book i was reading was in my car, so it's now in a box in my dad's car's trunk. so i must get something else.

speaking of my car, it's official. it's totalled. :( hopefully I will get around $2000 for it and that will help in either paying off my bills to my parents and maybe helping to buy another car (the 5th car in 2 years!!!). what i would really like to do is move somewhere so i don't need a car cause my luck with them is just no good at all.

anyways, i need to hurry to that house where dinner is.

scanner trials

i got back from the dinner. it was pretty good. i was more involved in conversation then i thought i would so there wasn't any reading going on. that's for the best anyways.

now, it's time for a project. I'm looking into making my scanner work in linux. There seems to be a fairly broad support for scanners, but mine is a weird company, so we shall have to see. downloading sane now. some doc reading is required now.

All hope is lost for supporting my scanner. Not only is the company and the model not support, it's also a parallel port scanner so even more hope is lost. I might be able to use my parent's scanner, though. it's a usb scanner and the company is a little more supported. i'll cross my fingers and hope it works.

DAMN! from the USB scanner support under linux list about UMAX Astra 2000U: Like their parallel scanners UMAX refuse to release the necessary programming information so that a SANE backend may be written. damn damn damn. no scanner love for linux in this house.