March 14th, 2001


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i got to go night after 9 so not many people were left. mainly adam and jake. i watched them play a game and then it was time to leave. me and adam went to denny's with melissa and slowly many other people showed up like able, ray, evan, meena, todd. i think that was it but i could be mistaken. after adventures with tainted ketchup and a cute girl with glasses (swoon!), we all went our separate ways.

i then stopped by texico for gas and that took a little bit cause the attendent was so cracked out it wasn't even funny. not sure what it was, but he could barely push buttons on the cash register. there was a lot of people there too. it was very odd.

right now i'm fighting with everybuddy. i think i'm going to switch to gaim for the night so that i can talk to people without the program breaking. yay for crappy software.
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One year of posting and still going strong

Oh my god, I totally forgot to mention this yesterday. March 13th, 2000 was the day I created my livejournal. I've been a user for over a year now! You know how amazingly cool that is? wow.

Maintaining a livejournal has been one of the best things I have ever done. The number of friends I have made and the number of interesting life experiences that have come from being part of this community have made me a better person. I would really like to thank brad for making it, evan for bring me to it and everyone else that uses it for making it fun and interesting.

Some stats for the occasion, i suppose.

Journal entries: 2,418
Date created: 2000-03-13 23:34:29
Account type: Paid Account, previously an Early Adopter
Paid until: 2001-12-16
Comments: Posted: 2284, Received: 1636
Memories: 23 entries
Clients used: Gtk-LoserJabber, Perl, Web, Win32-MFC, Win32-VB
Support points: 17
Friends: 85
Friend of: 71
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i just talked to mark on the phone for a bit. that was fun. now i need to be heading towards red robin to meet up with carley. i'm running late, but then, aren't i always running late? :P

I have nothing intelligent to say right now so i will leave you with nonsense words.
d00t d00t.
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the delightful lunch with carley went down without a hitch. it was a pleasure, as always. I related my adventures of last night and she related her adventures with a particular girl in a particular southern state. and the world is now a better place for it.

let's see, i need to go up to blockbuster sometime today to return the game and movie i rented. maybe i'll play driver 2 a little bit more before taking it back.
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