March 13th, 2001


I did the sex with her

dinner with evan and adam at cedar's. that was good as always and it's nice to talk with them. hadn't really gotten to spend any time with evan in a while. after dinner, evan went back to his place and i stayed at adam's. playing video games and listening to music.

at around 1 am, me and adam met up with melissa, meena and mark. we then all went to denny's and bumped into able. didn't really get any real food, but there was lots of fun talking and such. it was also quite good to see mark. another friend i haven't seen enough of lately.

after some more hanging around, i came home around 3. need to go to bed now.
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done with work about relaxing now. going to eat some dinner and then it's go night at solitice. yay.

it's kinda tired right now. maybe a nap before anything else?
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