March 7th, 2001


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time for an update.
go night was a success, even though evan didn't show up. oh well. maybe next time? erin and tiff came to it and i explained the game as best i could. i also played adam a game. as i play the game, i see my faults. i need to play more and improve. when i play, i feel challenged and i have the need to think and apply myself. it's a nice feeling and something i haven't felt in a long time in anything.

afterwords, there was a little time spend with adam and tony, and then i headed to erin's. got some food there and then played more go with alex. he seemed to catch on quickly and enjoyed playing it quite a bit. must play a full game with him next time.

recently, i have felt that my journal has been very childish. not really in the content, but more in my writing style. i feel that my journal isn't really showing who i am or how i think. i have the need to post to it, but i haven't been posting any substance. i need something new and interesting to write. it all feels old.
games are becoming boring. school feels like a waste of time. work is repetitive and annoying. what else is there? sigh.

i am about to go to bed. waking up to go have lunch with tiff because carley is busy. at least i have plans with someone.
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i'm really bored. was trying to think of something to do and then remembered that Indiana Jones and the temple of doom is playing right now at the Cinerama. thinking about going and seeing that. but i'm not sure if people have plans to see that later or something. well, the showing is at 10 so i may not go anyways. maybe a different movie?
maybe something else?
i don't know...

i don't like being alone.

i just reread this entry and saw how whinny it is. blah. anyways, after i wrote it, i felt better already.
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