February 20th, 2001


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my evening with kim was great. i met up with her and we walked to the ave and hit a couple of cd stores checking out the used situation. in the first store, i was digging through the selection and found something really cool. Die Warzau's album Big Electric Metal Bass Face. I used to own this album and it got stolen in europe. it's quite a hard one to find and i am very happy i found it. they also has a single by them. so i bought them both. some mp3ing will be going on tonight. in another store, i also found the david poe album used. i picked that up as well.

after the shopping fun, we headed back to her place and chatted for a while until jeff called needing a ride. so we went out there to pick him up, but not before we played a bunch of air hockey games. at one point jag, who was also at the office at that time, was going to light me on fire but jeff bought my life from him. i owe him one. :)

once getting jeff, we came back to their place and watched part of the 'love conquers all' version of brazil. it scares me. it was so different. ugh. we laughed about it for a while, until they headed for bed. i went home then.

now i am listening to die warzau. this is taking me back. i used to listen to this album all the time. it's great. i'm happy i found it again. going to do a little bit of computer stuff and then go to bed. i would like to wake up and get some things done that i have been putting off. it's nice to have a day off.

after listening to this album for a bit, i don't remember it being quite this funky. it's still good, though.
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i just woke up. i had set my alarm for early, but this time is ok too. the time falls in range specified in 'brad's law for waking up'. it was about 12:30. :)

anyways, plans for today include.... um... i don't know. i think i'm going to get dressed and go out and drive around. i'll find a nice, cheap restaurant and get some lunch. right now, i'm finishing up mp3ing this die warzau album. then i leave.

project idea: write a perl front end for mp3ing my cds. all the front ends for cdparanoia that also mp3 the songs have really sucked, imho. i just want something simple that would grab the CDDB (or that free alternative) info and make id3 tags. but everything out there is annoying. blah. anyways, i should do that because it would be a quick project that would be interesting enough for me.

enough rambling. look, it's already pass 1. i need to go get ready.
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i just got back from having lunch with my mom. hooray for a free lunch! :)

now i go back to working on the things i should do today.
  • call the game testing guy that called me yesterday
  • run over to bcc and look into classes for next quarter
  • some basic car maintenance (fluids check, clean the inside a bit, etc)
  • finish up mp3ing these albums.
  • maybe work on that perl script i mentioned. it would be a good learning experience anyways. :)

    anyways, i will be getting started on these now. no more slack today!
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    so i've gotten most things done on that list. got over to bcc and took care of some things that i needed to do. called the phone number the game test guy gave, but it was a wrong number. chris suggested using a variation on the phone number, but that didn't work as well. i'll ask tim about it tonight when he gets home. there isn't a lot else i can do because he didn't leave his last name. silly people calling me and then not making it possible for me to call them back.
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    stupid @home

    i haven't left for go night yet because i was on the phone with the @home people. i was investigating why the internet connection seems so slow. but there is confusing things going on here. my ping time is great. almost always under 100 ms. but sustained connections seem to timeout after a while.
    so anyways, i talked to him for about 30 minutes, and he seemed to give me some bullshit answers about why things weren't working. then i showed that i knew something and he seemed much more responsive and friendly. but he still couldn't help me at all. feh on @home. things seem fast but then things timeout a bunch. it worked so much better like one month ago.

    anyways, the time is getting later and later and i think i will drive out there just to see if anyone is still around. hopefully i will get to Solitice at around 9.
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