December 23rd, 2000


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i'm home now. we didn't go to the party. instead, we just hung out and got some food. we also watched the second half of american beauty. it was fun, though. :)

tomorrow my older brother mike comes to visit. i'm looking forward to seeing him. it's been a while.

i'll be going to bed shortly, but right now, I'm cleaning up the topic section a little bit. i fell behind on the order of some of this and now it's a little sloppy. oops. I'm making a new category in the movies section, too. it will be for older films and I will be moving movies that are not new releases into that section. if any of the topic editors need anything else set up in their section, i can work on that tomorrow. but first, the movie section will be finished.

then i sleep.
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it's livejournal on angst, sort of. although the design and features are simple and nowhere as good, i find the theme of the site very amusing. i mean, it's called! hehe.

my mom is all stressing out about mike coming soon. stressed out mom == bitchy mom. :(

i need to help get things ready now.

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just had dinner at kethy and mike's with the family. the food was really good. then we played clue. tim won. darn. heh

maybe we will watch a movie now. i think that would be a fun thing to do now. what to watch, though. hrm...

the movie picked by everyone is fight club. hooray!!