December 9th, 2000


who's house?

pat's house! pat's house!
who beat final fantasy 9? oh you know who. i'm very happy about this. so much time spent and it all pays off in the end.
this game was so very well made. i enjoyed it greatly. i look forward to playing it again sometime in the future. for now, i'm done with that for a little bit.

i'm ready to party tomorrow now. :)

oh yea, the all important end of the game stats:
Total Time spent: about 51 hours
Zidane's final level: 56

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i'm up now, getting ready and such.
here is the plan for today. first, i have to vaccum. all the floors, apparently. that should take about 30 to 45 minutes, though.
next, i am going out and turning in some apps for jobs. that should be quick and painless.
after that, it's net party time. woooooooooooooooooooooooo!
when i leave to take the apps, i think i'll just take my computer with me. i'll get to adam's place around 1:30 or 2 i'm thinking. i can't wait, though.

well, enough talk. i need to do all the crazy things i need to do. :P
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net part fun!

done with vaccuming. my dad had a problem with the tv so i had to help him out with that. but i'm all done now. shutting down the computer and packing up to go now.
just called adam and evan to make sure things are cool. i'm giving evan and kelly a ride. must clean out my car so that there is room.
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