November 21st, 2000


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wasn't paying attention to the time and ended up staying up way too late playing final fantasy 9. doh. i seem to do that a lot. feh.
going to bed now. a couple hours of sleep and then i'm up and off to school.
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done with physics today. there is a test tomorrow, so the class was jus review. i also got my current grade in that class. i have a c in the class. i'm content. :)

Operation Wang Chung is cool. :) The person I'm buying a gift for is, um, interesting to say the least. *shurg* but I bet whoever got me is saying the same thing on their journal. heh.

Plans for right now include:
  • getting money from the bank.
  • going to tower or some such similar place and buying the new nin disc.
  • food?
  • study for physics test
  • any other nonsense that i always end up doing.

    I think i'm getting a canker sore on my mouth. it's annoying and it makes me cross.

    That's about it for now.
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    i be home now. here is what i've done so far:
  • went to the bank
  • went to tower and bought 'things falling apart'. there is something special about listening to it on my cd player, even if i have heard it before now. it's good. :)
  • i ate clam chowder for lunch. hrmm.

    i still need to do some physics, but other then that, i have a free day.
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    i took a long nap and feel better. i think this pattern i am falling into isn't good, though. stay up late at night, then sleep a long while during the day. i'm going to try and sleep somewhat normal tonight. i think i should be able to.

    I had crazy dreams for this nap, too. they were disturbing, but i can't remember details and i wouldn't want to type them even if i did. Let's just say allison was in the dream.

    just ate dinner. i'm bored
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