November 1st, 2000


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i just woke up. getting ready for a long day. physics, then lunch with carley, then homework until my evening classes. i think there is a math test today. blah. i'm kinda tired still.

i spend time reading livejournal now cause i couldn't last night. :(
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lunch good; school bad

lunch with carley was great. lots of fun. there is so much food. i am very full.

in physics class was a test. i wasn't quite prepared for it and so it kicked my ass. :( i think i did ok, but not great. i didn't do nearly as well as my last physics test. oh well. i need to study more, i guess.

there may be a math test today. i hope not, but it's very possible. also, tonight my essay for english is due. i've been putting it off, so i only have two early drafts. stupid school.
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out of math class

out of math class now. i'm killing time until english now. there was no math test! yay. it's next monday. that's some more time to look over some things.

an evening update

home from school now. english was alright. got the paper turned in. it was ok. i need to eat now.

i'm trying to understand the problem with loserjabber now. i don't understand why it doesn't work for me, but it would work for the test account.

oh, also the new dip moves are in. the board just got a whole lot more interesting. go sarah go! :)
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