October 21st, 2000


today was a good day

today was fun. hung out with kim for a while. we went to dancer which was just as good the second time. if you haven't seen this movie, i urge you to go now. it's excellent.

after the movie, we went to IHOP. had yummy dinner and then hung out at kim's house for a while. at about 10:30, i headed for adam's partE. lots of friends there. enjoyed myself a lot. danced a little and talked and chilled. there are pictures somewhere, but i don't have a link on me. maybe the place to look would be adam's livejournal. i'm sure there will be a link there sooner or later. :)

going to be going to bed soon. kinda tired. been a long day.
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i'm awake. well, at least sort of awake. wondering what would be interesting to do today. don't really want to stay here, though. maybe i'll call someone.

i feel so listless. why is it so easy to be uninspired? i wonder how i appear on livejournal to people i've never met? blah.
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random thoughts

look at me!!
I'm cute!!!!
Love Me!!!!

woh, what was that? hehe.
i'm going to get some food. i'm thinking it's a subway type of day.
not for threes is a good album and it makes me want to dance when i listen.
tim plays metal gear solid a lot and is really quite good at it. they came out with a pc version. it would have been cool to see mutliplayer added to the game. i may have bought it then.
hrm... well, i'm going to get food now.
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(no subject)

went to subway for lunch. also stopped by blockbuster video and used a $10 gift card to buy High Fidelity on dvd.

talked to danny about the cornfield MAiZE. more details to come.
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