October 16th, 2000



just watched clue. this dvd is cool because you have the choice of watching it two different ways. there is the home video release which shows all three endings, or there is the theatrical release where it randomly picks one ending. cool idea. the movie is cool too. hadn't seen it in years.


still awake. good thing i don't have class in the morning. no school in the morning, but evening classes are still a go. :(

feeling a little tired now, but no very tired. went and watched the directory commentary on 'cannibal! the musical' which was very funny. if i ever make a movie and get to do director commentary, i want to do it drunk. hehe.

think i will try and go to sleep now cause there is important school stuff in the evening to do.
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i just woke up. this is a couple hours later then i really wanted to, but alias that time has pasted and there is no way to go back. :/

let me tell you about me dream:
i'm hanging in seattle with 3 other people. i think i knew these people but i can't remember who they were. there was two girls and one guy with me. there was some sort of fair that is going on through out the whole city. we all wander around they city, looking at things and talking and laughing. it starts to get dark, but that doesn't stop us. apparently the fair goes on until 3:30 am. the time then fast fowards to about 1 am and we are all still partying. we start to walk down a hill. it's a big hill with curves and it's really steep. this is also a residential area. when we get close to the bottom of the hill, there is a park and then a house. we then see a gunfight. there is three kids (all about 12 years old) trying to kill each other. it is almost like they are playing though. we can see blood and we know the guns are real, but the kids do not die. then we notice that in the park next door, there is a bunch of kids who were playing baseball, but stopped to shoot their guns at the three kids. again, blood and pain but no death. this goes on for a while and then the cops and the media come. we are witnesses so we describe what has happened.
the next day, i'm watching the news and i see the report about the shootout. they pan over the crowd at the filming last night and me and the people i'm with aren't there. instead, my dad and my brother tim are there.
i decide to go back to the place of the shooting. i walk up to the door and knock on it and a old lady answers it. she tells me that she is the mother of 10 kids, including the 3 that were trying to kill each other. she is also a single parent.
there is a middle part that seems to be missing now. what i remember next is that i'm going up to the house again, only this time it's different. the kids have kidnaped a famous rock star. i offer things to trade for the rock star and they accept. i return the rock star to his trailer and they leave. that's it. i wake up then.

i'm going to get ready for my day now.
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going to go meet ali for lunch in 30 minutes. haven't seen her in a while. going to finish getting ready now, cause i've been slacking all morning, err i mean afternoon. :P
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home from school now. i went and had lunch with allison. that was cool. i hadn't seen her in a long time and we talked and caught up a bit. i saw the place she is living and met her kitty, which is really cute. i love kittens. we had lunch at the indian restaurant on broadway. note to self: go there again when they have the buffet cause that's really good and a good price too.

from there, i went straight to school. had a math test today which i am happy with my performance. i think i did quite well. i need to start going to the class regularly because i don't think the later stuff will come so easily. after the math class, i saw london for a little bit. yay! i didn't get to see her last wednesday cause she didn't come to school, so this is the first time i've seen her in about 4 or 5 months. looks like she is doing well. :)

english class was ok. another paper coming up, so i will need to start that tomorrow or tonight if i work on anything tonight.

i'm home now and really freakin' hungry. haven't eaten since about 2. i don't want to cook anything so i may go out and get dinner somewhere. if i do, is anyone around that would like to meet me somewhere? like denny's or something? let me know.

i would have posted this sooner, but my dad keeps calling me to help him get the scanner working on his computer.
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so very hungry

i really need to go get some food. thinking denny's and then doing homework while i'm there. oh the horror!

i forgot to mention, I love diplomacy. i am now playing a game again. i am england. i may post interesting details about the game every so often cause it's fun. going to look for a cool program to play the game with in linux so i don't have to either
a) set up the board and keep track of it that way
b) restart into windows and use the program i have there.

will look into doing that tonight after i eat.
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