October 6th, 2000


if no one remembers me, do I exist?

i hung out with erin for a little bit. I also finished lain. lain's ending was really quite interesting. must think about it some more.

i forgot to do this lab write-up for physics so i'm doing it now. it should be nice and quick. not a problem.

ender is down right now. I was hoping that mike would be able to get it back up before the night, but apparently not. he is installing a wireless network, i think. i am not happy with ender.ring.org anymore. partly because mike was kinda a dick about my usage. I was warned once before about the mp3s, but i think this is an over-reaction. blah. i need to get my files from there. maybe next week i will get ownership again. i hope so.

also, i checked the price for hosting my site at some places if i can't find a place. there is a company that offers 5 gigs of transfer and 100 megs (thats more then i was using) for $20 a month. that's more then i pay mike but it's much much much less then he claimed i would have to pay. he was talking about if i got hosted by his company, i would have to pay $150 a month. bah!

well, back to work on this lab report.
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finishing homework. kevin smith dvds are fun and i want them all!

almost done with this physics thing. while pausing for a moment to think, i jumped over to News Askew to see if there was any info on the Domga: SE dvd. low and behold, there is:
Just like that 'Dogma' Special Edition DVD. Fuck, are they making a keeper with that. Mike Stratford, Frank Rodriguez, and Gretchen at Col/Tristar (and our own Vincent Pereira in the home office) have put together an incredible piece of Askeworibilia you can't live without (alright - you COULD; but why would you want to, really?). Wait'll you see the sweet-ass packaging and the menus. They're true Askew.

So it's going to kick major ass and all us dvd fans that already bought the bare bones release of dogma will either have to suck it up and buy a second dogma dvd or steal it from a friend or something. there is also some info on the clerks animated dvd. did anyone even see that show? was it any good? does it matter? i guess not. i would still buy it.

going to print up the report i wrote. it really blows, but that's the point of first drafts, right? so that people can fix them. so i'll print this several times. write some notes on it and fix it up over the weekend. it will be uber sexy in no time.
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DITD soon!

home from school i woke up fairly late so i didn't have time to post this morning. :(

the class was alright. actually, it was pretty boring. feh.

i plan on seeing dancer in the dark today at 12:45 with evan. anyone else that wants to come is invited. after that, i will meet up with mark and then deal with going to see 'the kingdom'.

this weekend is salmon days, but i don't know when i'll be free to go. maybe sunday morning.

anyways, i'm not sure when i'm suppose to meet evan. i think i will head out to seattle around 12, though. maybe i can meet him at his dorm or something. i have this problem where i still can't get my email. fucking server is still down. @!%@#$^!@#$^#!

ok. i guess i'll just read livejournal until then. pass the time.
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dancer in the dark

I'm at mark's room now. just saw dancer in the dark. this movie was very good. very depressing, too. i enjoyed the style of it were everything was filmed on and handheld except for the songs. that's when it turns to "music video mode". hehe. i highly recommend it to everyone.

i want to see it again, but i need to space it out. maybe next week sometime. we shall see.

now we wait for a little bit and then go to get food. after that, we will go see the kingdom.
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