October 2nd, 2000


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so i've been looking at my user directory on ender. this really fucking sucks, losing my ownership of all the files. arr. some files i even have read access to. no backing up these files on my home machine. bah, just tried to ftp there, no luck.

fuck it. i won't worry about it now. just read email, i'm not deleting anything until i can sort my email again.
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Darren Aronofsky rules

the one movie i anticipate more then any other this year is "Requiem For A Dream". I've mentioned it before. but i just read some reviews of it today. makes me even more excited for this movie. here is the article about the reviews and here is the reviews themselves. also, the soundtrack comes out on oct 10. maybe a night to go to tower at midnight? i think so.

going to go to bed soon cause i have to be at school in the morning. HOORAY !!!
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i'm awake now. getting dressed and then off to school. I would like to get there somewhat early, but you know how I am.

recently, I have been having lots of crazy dreams. i can't remember last nights, but I do remember that there was a lot of them.

ok this is strange. i just checked livejournal and the last 4 posts in my friends list are all about dreams. today, everyone needed to write about their dreams.
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short afternoon naps are a personal favorite of mine

I fell asleep for a sort nap. feeling pretty good now. :)
going to have some food soon i think cause I am leaving for school at 5 pm. that will make sure that I don't miss my math class. thinking about maybe taking the bus to school in the evening.

just checked the bus times. it goes by my school at 9:45 and 10:45. blah, that's not going to work. i don't really want to wait 45 minutes if my class doesn't get out early. i guess I'll just drive.

evan: no problems that I see. send it to 2.0 I say! :)
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off to school soon

just ate dinner. I wish I had chocolate cake right now. where is kozmo when I need them?

i think i will head out now. go over to bcc, buy some chocolate cake and eat it before my math class. then get there a little early to make sure I will have a seat. :)
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Story Time

Hello Boys and Girls!
It's story time. Today is a story about my adventure at Bellevue Community College. I drive over there and park. Get out of the car and walk to the cafeteria. I notice that there is port-a-pottys all over the place and that all the bathrooms are closed. I go and get a ice cream bar at the cafeteria and then head to class. I get there and sit down and my teacher walks in the classroom and says that the water main to the school broke. All the teachers have a choice to have their class or not. She then asks my class if we want to have class today and the class answers no. So there is no math class today. I then proceeded to the location of my English class just to check. there is a note on the door saying "Class canceled". So I head home.

That's my story. Pretty exciting, eh?

So I'm free for the night now.
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even spam doesn't support text messages anymore.

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played sims for a while. ho hum. i'm bored.
i was hoping that since i didn't have school tonight, that i could go out and do something, but that's looking less and less likely now.
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