September 25th, 2000


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i played the sims for a while. there are things i like about that game and there are things i don't like. oh well, no game is perfect, right?

going to be going to bed soon.

where are you mister fireman?

up and have taken the shower. since i don't have my car, i'm taking the bus to school. there is one at ~9:20 so i plan on heading up to the stop about 9:15. will bring my cd player and take it easy on the way there. if this is an easy way to go to school, i may do this more cause parking sucks really bad. and my class is at the worst time for parking.

better stop typing now and finish getting ready.
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at school now

i'm at school. the bus ride was nice and short. i think i will do this more. i think i would get in a little better shape if i run up that hill from my house a couple times a week. :)

i couldn't find my cd player before i ran out to the bus. drat. i'll need to find that. i think it needs batteries as well.

i'm going to go to wait at the commons or the hub or whatever it's called. need something to drink.
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a fall out in my physics lab

done with my class now. on the way there, i saw janice so i said hi.

class was interesting. it's my physics lab so i work with three other people. we were working and staying on top of things when all the sudden, one of the people in my group blew up at us. saying that we aren't focused and that we aren't taking the class seriously. this is an odd thing to say, though. he was a little behind where the rest of the group was and was trying to catch up. all we (the rest of the group) were doing was discussing the questions that analized the lab experiments. so i was rather confused by his comments. also, it ruined the positive work vibe that we had so the group is now behind. that really sucks. bah! stupid people.

i'm going to head home pretty soon i think. i'll work on homework and have lunch then.
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home now. bus ride was nice and easy. will do that again. maybe even make it a regular activity. the only problem is that i am paying for it with cash. so if i do start taking the bus, i would need to buy a bus pass for it.

thinking about writing a perl script that would parse the bcc schedule and then output a html file similar to what my dvd sorter does. it would be more tricky so it may be a cool project to work on.
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no math class for me!

at school now. i skipped my math class. i get there about a minute before class starts and there is no seats left. i'm thinking what the hell? so instead of sticking around, i just go and get some food. at least i've eaten dinner now.

so now i'm in the computer lab. reading email. there is some interesting discussions going on in one of the lj mailing lists, but it's way over my head. too bad, i wish i could contribute more. just don't know enough (or anything) about MySQL.

let's see, there are some other things rolling around in my mind, but i'm not ready to talk about it. i'll just let it sit for a little while longer.
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