September 18th, 2000


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ok. stopping myself from playing cc all night. let's see, 25 hours into the game and still on the first disc. also, i've had about 30 characters in my party.

getting ready for bed now. sleep soon.
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I am up, took a shower, shaved, and am getting dressed now. a little tired, think i'll buy a coffee at school. i'll get there early so i have time to prepare myself.
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maybe they will stop spamming me now. most likely not.

Just so you know, this is the fourth time I have done this. But I keep getting emails from them.

To: <>
Subject: Request to cancel all newsletter Subscriptions
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 09:20:17 -0700
Thread-Index: AcAhjFU26IuAARMKTE+JdsuqLunuVw==
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.00.2919.6700
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 18 Sep 2000 16:19:20.0386 (UTC) FILETIME=[33295A20:01C0218C]
X-MIME-Autoconverted: from quoted-printable to 8bit by id JAA03410

We have received your request to Cancel all your subscriptions to the e-mail newsletters from Your request has been processed and you should no longer receive any newsletters from us.

school, part 1

back from school. when i got there, i played the parking game for about 20 minutes. there is a serious lack of parking at BCC. on the first day, it's the worse. but after a while, i found someone leaving and took the spot. then headed into class. it's the physics lab. there are some cool people in my class. i think i will like it, as long as i stay on top of things. after the class, i came home to find a package for me. it contained: Parasite Eve II

so now i'm doing livejournal, and then i'm going to find some food. i think i'll just make something here.
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Livejournal Topic Section

I got another offer to help on in the topic section today. We are doing so well with help in there. too bad there isn't any journal entries that people are submitting. There needs to be an easier way to submit them. The search engine will be nice, and client searching will be cool too. What I would like to see is maybe a menu on the comments page. that would be a nice and easy place to submit entries.

at school now, just killing time.

I'm at school now, using the library computers to check livejournal. hehe.

at home, my mom was there so she decided it would be good to talk to me about my job. i don't want to talk about it. then she asked me to mow the lawn. so i did, until the lawnmower ran out of gas. then i tried out parasite eve 2. it's pretty cool. really similar to resident evil in gameplay. *shurg*

now i'm just killing time. the computer lab here is not open yet, so i can't check my email, but there isn't anything there worthwhile anyways, i bet.

math is at 5:30. i don't really have anything to do until then. i should have brought a book. oh well. i guess i could read over my text books. need to do that. must stay on top of things. i can do it. you guys would all rock if you encourage me once in a while. i know that is sort of baiting for compliements, but what the hell.
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teacher no show

I went to math and the teacher was a no show. i stayed there for about an hour (it's a 2 and a half hour class) and then left. but there is nothing to do so i got some coffee. i've wandered around a bunch, occasional checking to see if the teacher showed up. hasn't yet, though. it's very strange. i have english at 7:50. while wandering, i found the classroom. the 5 o' clock class isn't so bad but a 7:50 to 10 class was a bad idea, i think. blah!

after the class, i will go home and go to bed. i'm tired.
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class soon

just about to leave for english class. i'm tired. i would like to read webcomics instead of going to class. maybe i'll just take a quick look before i have to go. it will lighten my mood.
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we have movie sign!

home from school. english was better then i expected. the teacher is enjoyable. that is a good thing. too bad it's a long day. tomorrow, i have to go to work. blah. i am very curious as to what's going to happen. since being told that i'm losing the job, i've gained a very negative view of work.

tonight, i'm going to watch a movie and develop some ideas for the topic section. the movie will be:
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