September 2nd, 2000


night in review

after work, i went to issaquah and picked up evan from the p&r. then we went and got faith. from there, we headed for adam's. when we get there, adam isn't and so we start to hang with bill. janice was also there. night pursues, go to pcc, watch lain, ryan, kelly, and ryan's friend show up. it's all good. i take evan, faith, kelly, and janice home.

also today, cowboy bebop 4 arrived. i think i'll watch that now. :)

see you space cowboy!

watched the fourth session of cowboy bebop. always entertaining. this one was really good. i can't wait for disc 5 to come out. i've got it ordered, so life is good. :) after doing the lain fest that we are trying to do, everyone should get together and watch cowboy bebop. it's not as deep as lain and it's ok if you miss episodes. the episodes are very independent of each other while building on basic things like characters and the history of the characters. but they make sense and are enjoyable even if you miss episodes.

going to bed soon. bumbershoot in the morning.
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i am awake now. supposedly, i will hear from ryan soon. if not, i will be heading to seattle shortly. want to see parliament. then live will be good. :)