August 26th, 2000


pause the game for a second

pushed pause for a moment to see if anything interesting has come up on livejournal. make a quick post and them back to the game for a little bit longer.

actually now that i have it pause, i'm going to take a bathroom break and get something to drink.

evan's post makes me want to listen to tchkung. so i'm going to.
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    was the music from the game, now it will be tchkung - post world handbook

(no subject)

finished playing for the night. talked to brad for a short time read slashdot. i'm kinda hungry, but i'm also sleepy so i'll go to bed.


awake. going through my email. it is filled with livejournal support requests. there are about 6 different questions people normally ask. it's all about typing the same thing over and over again.

no messages on my phone. :(

going to find some food soon cause i'm hungry. then if nothing else comes up, i will most likely play chrono cross. :)
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    crappy radio music

ordered pizza

i haven't eaten anything yet. so i think we are getting pizza now. i also am doing my laundry. have been playing chrono cross a bunch. i really does remind me of chrono trigger, as well as xenogears, which is the other game made by that group of people at square. but enough of that. plans for tonight: eat pizza, see waiting for guffman tonight. maybe watch another movie before then.
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    hungry hungry

must finish laundry, my feet are cold

moved the laundry into the dryer. i don't have any socks to wear so the laundry must get done.
got my email notice today that magnolia has been shipped. yay!

looking forward to seeing 'waiting for guffman' tonight at the egyptian. midnight be the time. excellent. and heather rocks the house. boo yea!
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    the music from tim's video game

movie soon

going to be leaving for seattle in a couple minutes. going to have to find a parking spot and get some money. sorry erin for not coming over. just wasn't enough time.

i have been listening to cake like a lot recently. i like them a lot more each time i give them a listen. it's rockin' grrrrl rock. hehe.
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    cake like