August 23rd, 2000



back from denny's. it was good to hang out with ryan. he rocks it hardcore. hehe.

thinking about bed soon. want to check my email, but (where antispin is hosted) is not responding. makes me sad. i wonder why. it has been sort of flaky all night.
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going to bed now

patrick@navi:~$ date
Wed Aug 23 03:22:32 PDT 2000
patrick@navi:~$ ppp-off
Terminating on signal 2.
PPP link to [ppp0] terminated.
patrick@navi:~$ Connection terminated.
Connect time 356.2 minutes.
Sent 751203 bytes, received 1939291 bytes.

wake up, leave for work

i'm up, took a shower. going to work very soon. today i will work on that perl script that my work wants me to do. it's really similar to the sortdvd script i wrote last night, except i need to email the output after i parse everything.

have emails i want to deal with, but will deal with them once i get to work.

things to do at work

I'm at work. I'm busy today. makes me happy. I've been working on the perl script. there is code down now. i wish i had a three button mouse so that cut and paste would be an option. I'll see what i can do about it.
today, i was also given the job to add users to this major FTP site we have here. so i some things to do with that. add a couple users, learn the system, etc.
the third thing I'm doing is that i need to keep working on the web server i built yesterday. add security and go check to see if there will be a place for it in the data center.

I'm happy cause none of this is that crappy console connection stuff. although that needs to get done as well. it's just a pain in the ass. :P
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video game shopping again?

well, it looks like it's that time again. yep. square released another game. now two questions on everyone's mind are: what game is it? and why don't you already have, pat?
to answer those questions, the game is Chrono Cross, and i don't have it cause, well to put it bluntly, i suck. yep. so I'm thinking that I'm going to have to buy this game. soon. pay check is Friday. that would be a good day to go game shopping.

well, back to work.
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arg. having problems with this perl script I'm writing. I'm just not seeing why it's not working. I'm going to bug one of the guys here and see if they can see what's wrong.
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going home now.

ok. enough of this. sometimes, you just need to stop working on something and take a break. i will go home and not worry about this script.
ps, thanks brad for your help with that. i think it just wants to be a little bitch.

my back hurts. this chair here at work isn't very nice to my back.
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    um... nothing now, but i will be listening to james - laid in the car on the way home.

more dvds

home from work. just had dinner. there was two boxes that arrived today. one box had the 12 monkeys dvd in it, the other had the stanley kubrick collection. so i updated my dvd list.

that is all.

Critics Accuse New Movie Of Glorifying Sex

HOLLYWOOD, CA--The Five Senses, a new film from Fine Line Features starring Mary-Louise Parker and Philippe Volter, is drawing fire from conservative Christian groups who charge that it glorifies sex. "Billing itself as 'a touching exploration of human perceptions and dynamics,' The Five Senses is filled with images of adults engaged in intimate acts of sexual union," said Focus On The Family executive director Michael White. "By depicting it so frequently and so casually, this film only serves to condone the act of lovemaking." White added that sexual imagery in Hollywood films is largely to blame for "the proliferation of sexuality in society."