August 22nd, 2000


the cell review

so i saw the cell last friday. i've sepend the weekend thinking about this movie. partly cause it was interesting and partly cause i was bored this weekend, me being sick and all. first off, let me say that the special effects were great. A++ now the rest of the movie? not as great. it's really too bad cause there was some great ideas to work with. they just didn't really know where to take them. maybe they spent too much money on the cool special effects and ran out of money for the reality scenes. The movie was entertaining, though. If you are looking for a movie to watch in this time of lame movies, i would saw try the cell.

moving on

awake, checking out the new topic browsing before i'm leaving for work. i'll look at it more there. it's really cool, though. should be a fun waste of time. :)
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(no subject)

have been read docs that i have printed up. why? cause i can't seem to access the local network. i find this odd. i can access the internet just fine. makes me cross.

so they want me to build a new web server. so i work on that too. now lets see. how do i bring the computer to the ok prompt at boot again? hrm....

ok, sometimes my work is pretty goddamn cool.

Finally something interesting to do if it's really boring here. this is the email i got today.
Hi everyone!

Anyone for fooseball? We now have a fooseball table located in the kitchen on the second floor. There will be a sign-up sheet located next to the machine.

The time increments on the sign up sheet will be 15 minutes. Please do not sign up for more than 30 minutes at a time. This way everyone that wants to play gets a chance to play.

Please make sure that the door is closed before you begin to play. Those working right outside of the kitchen should not be able to hear you. Please be considerate of their work environment.

If the fooseball happens to get lost, I've got extra.

Thank you and have fun!

that be rockin hardcore peepz. i love the foose. :) i wonder if anyone around here would want to play this week?

in other news, the webserver is heading in the right direction. got the OS installed. i don't know if they want me to install everything else. maybe just the patches and such.

5 o'clock and all is well!

my linux box at work runs debian. i am running dselect. it has been running for two hours. it's upgrading debian from 2.0 to 2.2 for me. i think if it's not done in 10 minutes, I'm leaving it and going home. it is annoying me.

more dvds

home from work. got three dvds from columbia house today. beetlejuice, batman, and mars attacks! three cool burton movies. makes me smile. :) have been thinking about writing a script to sort my dvdlist. think i will work on that today.
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dinner with erin, working on the script.

i was working on that script i was talking about, when erin contacted me. so i went out to dinner with erin. then we to the mall. got myself the album eminem - the marshall mathers lp. it's nice to have that one again. so good. updated that cd list and now back to work on the script. this is fun! :)
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script is looking good

well, i finished the first step of the script. the output is here. also, the script is here if people want to see my ugly perl script. :) to tell you the truth, this is my first useful (as in not 'hello world') script i've written. i'm so proud of me. :) so any input into making the script better is always accepted.
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