August 20th, 2000


network time protocol

have been playing with ntp. it's interesting, but hard to set up. my mind isn't in reading mode so i am having a hard time focusing. but at least my computers have the right time now. for at least a little bit. heh.
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feeling better

have been up for a while. messing around on the computer. mp3ing stuff. now me and tim are going out for lunch. yay.

btw, i feel much better now. :)
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    cheerful cheerful


went out to lunch with tim. taco del mar. after that, i went to the cd store and found two more cds that i lost used. i bought trainspotting soundtrack and porno for pyros - god good's urge. no plans for the evening, but i feel a whole lot better. maybe i'll go out, maybe i'll stay and watch a movie or something. i just don't know.
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    art of noise


have been playing gta2. i don't know why i like this game so much. i never liked the first one this much. well, it's time for dinner. so i'll pause for a little bit.