August 18th, 2000


crazy night on the town

i went with mark to j&s's and we hung out. drinking a little bit. chatting, etc. always a good time. also, i bought two cds. moby - play (replacing the lost one) and modest mouse - building nothing out of something. should be a good listening. :)

now i sit here, happy that things are working on my little computer network. me and mark are both using the internet and my server is working just fine. :)
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feeling good

getting everything up and running. noticed that there is a newer version of gkrellm out then the one that i have. time to upgrade again. :P

the following things work now on navi: X, ip-masq, samba, loserjabber :), gkrellm, dozens of other programs that i don't want to type. i'm really happy with the progress. this is really easy.

oops. look at that time. hehe. should go to bed soon.
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    modest mouse


i'm awake. getting ready for work. i have a cough and it sucks. :(

ok. off to work now.
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    i can't decide between modest mouse, moby, or k&d sessions.

plans for tonight

time to go home? i think so. plans for tonight: me, mark, ali, faith and evan are going to go out for dinner, then me mark and ali are going to find something else to do. maybe a movie or something. i don't know.
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(no subject)

home. we are waiting for faith to contact us. we will be going to dinner with them, then a movie after that. yay! fun night.
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