August 16th, 2000


fight fight fight!

tonight was fun. playing video games with mark until evan and faith showed up. then we hung out and made pizza. then we started watching 'blue velvet'. it was as good as i remembered. i had been holding off on it until i could watch it with people. i understand what's happening in that movie a little better now. it's a very confusing movie.

so after the movie, we all pilled into my car and we drove evan and faith to faith's place. then me and mark came back and played video games for a little bit. once mark went to bed, i started working on switching the modem into navi. it's in there, and it works, sort of.
here is the problem. if i run minicom, then the modem works fine. i can dial out, log in, etc. but the problem with minicom is that you can't actually log in and use the web. that's not what it's made for. so i try and use the ppp script. but this is where the problem is. the script should be set up correct. it's the exact same set up as the set up on moonunit. but when i run it, the script fails and then the modem stops responding. no matter what i do, nothing resets it, except a reboot. ack. makes me cross. i want to get this working, but i never make enough time for it.

now i'm on my parent's computer downstairs and my mom is yelling at me cause i'm still awake. she is so goddamn annoying. leave me alone.
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at work now. going to finish the user accounts that i was working on. then maybe spend some time on perl.

This is the quote of the day:
"I sometimes wonder if sites like Banged Up or Stile Project get mail from detractors along the lines of 'You used to have more pictures of poop' or 'Bring back more poop!'"
- from the news of the day at Penny Arcade

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finished the user account stuff here at work. i have been messing around with my webpage. bad me. any opinions are welcomed. leaving work in t minus 100 minutes.
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after work, i came home, played video games with mark. wr0d. we had dinner at chang's. good as always. back here and played more games. tim is watching a woody allen movie with his friends so we were watching that a little bit. don't know what now, though.