August 6th, 2000


an update for yesterday, plans for today

yesterday, i went and picked up adam and bill and then we went and helped faith move. when we got to her house, faith wasn't there. only bryan. so we waited and then faith and evan showed up. we went in and started moving. shortly after everything was packed up, heather and kelly showed up. we waited a little longer and then brad and blythe made it. then went to faith's new place, which is nice. moved everything in and got pizza. yum. i haven't had pizza in a while.

after everyone ate, we went our seperate ways. i took adam and bill back to their place and then me and bill hung out for the rest of the day. i had lots of fun. thanks bill.

we went down to university and looked around tower, then went to the u bookstore. i bought an o'reilly book on samba and slackware 7.1. so now i can finish setting up the still unnamed computer. after that, we wondered around wizards of the coast and played a game there. then walked to these comics stores that were a couple blocks up. i bought a 'ghost in the shell' poster, which is super cool. bill bought comics. then we went back to the house and hung out some more. i watched 'neon genesis evangelion #0.1' over there. it was good, but not as good as cowboy bebop or lain. then we ate some mexican food. it was ok. then i went home.

once i got home, i started to watch clerks, but was much too tired to finish it. so i went to bed. then i woke up about an house ago. later today, i will be hanging with ali. right now, i'm going to go out and find food. i'm thinking costco. also, i am going to work on my room and set up that computer.
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going to help ali

reg and ryan picked me up and we went to red robin. good stuff. after that we came over to evan's. now all of us are going to go help ali move.
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