July 31st, 2000


twin falls idaho

I just watched the movie 'twin falls idaho'. i saw it when i came out in the theaters. i remember it getting lots of press because of it's subject matter. it's a beautful film and i highly recommend that everyone go out and rent it. watch it and be amazed. just whatever you do, don't judge this movie or write off this movie until you see it. if anyone wants to borrow it from me, i have it on dvd.
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twin falls idaho again? nah, i'll sleep

was watching twin falls idaho again, only this time with the commentary. it's really interesting to listen to the problems they had with the body suit they used to make them conjoined, but i'm tired, so i'll watch the rest of it some other time. oh well.

rebooting back to linux, then going to bed. work in the morning.
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ok. going to bed now. i rebooted into linux and was playing with samba for a sec. i can't seem to be able to figure out what password it wants. ack. figure it out tomorrow, maybe.

Woke up, need to head for work soon

I'm awake and getting ready for work. the sunburn i have really hurts right now. :(

i had a really strange dream last night. the only people i knew in it were people i work with, or people i haven't seen in a while. i just wondered around some town with my friend London and some of her friends that i've met before. while in this town i kept bumping into people i know from work. that was the whole dream, but it felt really long. just very weird. makes me wonder were london is cause i haven't heard from her in a couple months. I lost her phone number.

enough of that, i need to leave for work soon.
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a couple things to update about

home from work. two more dvds today. i'm up to 56 dvds now. the two new ones are:
army of darkness
princess bride
fun fun. other things that are happening tonight. i'm going to see about registering for school tonight. i slacked and haven't done it, but now i'm going to see about refocusing myself to school. i need to act more mature about that. hopefully, there will be some classes i could take.

also, tonight i'm going to get that computer from my mom's friend that is selling all that computer stuff. i will have a new toy to play with tonight. yay. i need to clean up my room so i have some place to put it.
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the computer has arrived

i'm back. got the computer. looking into having evan burn me a linux distro. if i can't find one tonight. i'm listening to all offers.

also, i need a name for the computer. please make suggestions. i'm really bad at naming computers.

linux shopping

went out looking at bookstores to see if i could find a linux distro i could use. no avail. was thinking freeBSD, but the only cds for that the bookstore had came with a book and cost $70. no fucking way am i paying that for an OS. arg. well, evan offered to burn me a cd. i will take him up on that.

danny, if you see this, do you have slackware on cd?

so i think i'm going to see exactly what's in the box i got. must learn about the system before i use it. also, i need names for my computer. so far the winning name is 'cumslut' cause that's the only suggestion. email me or comment with name suggestions!
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