July 27th, 2000


hung out with erin today

after work, i hung out with erin all day. i don't feel like talking about details. we went to seattle. ate dinner at red robin. oh yea, joe was there too.

i'm home now. on my bed sat a package. a package from dvdexpress.com. the package contained two dvds. they are three kings, and twin fall idaho. yay!
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woody allen

I walked downstairs and noticed a box on the counter. looking closer, i see it's for me! wow another box! i open it and the woody allen collection is inside! rock! the following movies are in it.
everything you wanted to know about sex but where afraid to ask
love and death
annie hall
stardust memories
8 more movies for my dvd collection. heheh!
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camping this weekend

i'm up and about to leave for work. this weekend, my family is going camping. everyone but tim. everyone is leaving today except me. i'm going tomorrow. also, allison is coming along too. should be an interesting weekend. the only thing that makes me said about this is i could stay home and watch movies. so many movies to watch now. i haven't seen half of those woody allen movies that i got.
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Quote of the day

I got this quote from a email someone sent me. The email was about some meeting that I will have to go to. this is what someone wrote before the forwarded message:
"Don't forget to add this to your Action Item list"
fight club rings truth in the air. heheheh

I have to go to the meeting in a sec. Don't forget everyone. add my new cell number to your action item list. :) the number is 206.618.9263

Personal Problems

I often find it amazing that I use this public outlet for my feelings so openly, but I have a hard time talking to people in their face. I tend to lie to soften reality. I need to tell the truth more, even when it hurts me or people I care about. If I could just face people like that, I think it would increase my confidence with who I am. I would also increase my confidence with meeting new people. I have a hard time with that. All my friends I have either had for years, or met through friends I have had for years. I can count on one hand the number of friends that I have met by myself by introducing myself. without having someone else introduce me. These are my personal problems that I need to fix. I will be a better person after that.

almost time to go home

i'm still at work. have been going over adsm stuff. then i was looking at some mail problems. i will be leaving soon. tonight, i get ready for the camping trip. i need to do laundry.

just hanging out

ordered pizza and watched sleeper with tim. about halfway through the movie, ali came over. i'm getting ready for tomorrow. i think we are going to watch another movie. unsure what, though.