July 26th, 2000


If you hold out too long you could jeopardize your credit rating.

let's see, where was I?
ah yes. I got home from work just as my parents were leaving. me and tim decided that now was the time to get a rack for my dvds. so we went to target and I bought a large rack from them. while i was there, i got two more dvds. shawshank redemption and bug's life. when i got back, reg and ryan came over. i spend some time assembling the rack and putting the dvds in there (alphabetical of course). we watched some tv, then reg had to go home to catch his plane. me and ryan then went to taco bell and got food. we came back and watched brazil. ryan was a little tired and was having a hard time staying awake. I decided that I want one of the decision makers in that movie. it's that toy that everyone is giving everyone else for Christmas. maybe I'll try and make one. heh. yea right. I like that movie more ever time i see it. props to mark for showing it to me that first time. :)
now i sit and updated my dvd list and read up on what i missed on livejournal. tomorrow, i am carpooling with erin so no slacking off in the morning. heh.
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some dvd news

here is some cool news from animeondvd.com:
  • Akira will be released in a year from now, have many extras, 5.1 sound, full remastering, a new dub with possibly famous voice actors, anamorphic and a possible theatrical release.
  • Vampire Hunter D DVD will have many extras, and 5.1 audio for the dub, stereo for the sub. dual layer. Making of will be included. Trailers.

    there is more info on others, but these are the ones I care about most. Akira on dvd will be very nice.
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    lunch time with the guys

    i just got back from lunch. me and the guys went to some Mexican restaurant. this one was a whole lot better then the last Mexican restaurant that the office went to. so now i'm back. i suppose that means getting back to work. feh.
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