July 23rd, 2000


cocktail party

i hung out with ali for a couple hours. we drove around and then i burned ali a copy of rem - automatic. good album. after that, i went to erin's cocktail party. saw some cool people there, talk to some people, had a good time. props to erin for throwing a good party. :)
i'm fairly tired. i'm going to have lunch with ali today, so i should get some sleep. that will happen fairly soon.
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    The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds

(no subject)

sitting here petting my cat. going to sleep now.
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    future sound of jazz - Gentle People - Journey (Aphex twin care mix)

going to see chuck and buck

spend some effort to try and find someone to see 'chuck and buck' but no one seems to be able to go. so i'm going by myself. just in case someone wants to see it, it's at the broadway market at 4:30. after that, the plan is to go to golden gardens. fun fun fun!

reggie is going to the movie with me. yay!