July 22nd, 2000



Well, i'm awake. my parents having big plans for doing house work. feh. "pat, please disregard any plans you have for your weekend." well, no really, but it feels like that.

plans for today: i'm meeting up with mike to give him back 'hard boiled'. ali wanted to hang out today. erin's party is tonight. i think that's it.

last night, i was coming home from work, and erin called me. she asked if i would go shopping with her. i agreed and so we go to nordstrom. i buy lots of new clothes. after doing that for a while, we go to broadway and get food. then we hang out at joe's. after that, we go back to erin's place. this is a very short telling of this, mainly because i don't want to talk about details.

currently, i have a small headache.
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corrected some small details on my lastn style page. need to do a calendar and a day page. i'd like to do that today. hrm...

reg: tim has your 8 bucks

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i just met up with mike to give him back his hard boiled dvd. we talked for a while. then i came back and ate pizza. i need to help my brother and dad with this project they are doing. they are removing tim's waterbed and are going to take the top bunk from my room so tim can use it. ali wants to hang out after that. maybe hang with ali until erin's party? maybe. i'm not sure.
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oh boy

digging through my closet, looking for the dress clothes that i will be wearing tonight. found them, and they don't fit. maybe should have checked that earlier. doh! so i never called ali back. i'm a bad person. it's not that i don't want to hang out with her. i do. it's just that i don't feel like hanging with anyone right now. just get ready for the party. i'm going to have to be creative with my clothes. i'll figure something out.


allison just talked me into agreeing to go over to her house. i have a headache. i don't know what to do. somebody help!
current feelings about right now. erin is having her party: i would like to stop by, but i don't want to drink anything. i would still have to pay. also, if i don't show up, erin will be mad. hrm...
hanging with ali: i don't really want to, but when i talk to her i feel guilty for ignoring her. ack! maybe me and ali will go to erin's. that may be a thing to do. but i'm not sure.
but now i need to go. i'm going to grab the clothes i will wear for erin's party, and drive over to ali's.

"we are a generation of men raised by women. I'm beginning to wonder if another woman is what we really need."