July 19th, 2000


hang with reg

i went bowling with reg and tim. lots of fun. i won. :)
after that, me and reg went to see chicken run. funny movie. second time for me. now i'm playing games until i decide it's time for bed.

feh on work

i'm at work. got delayed at home because my parent's computer is not working right. i tried fixing it, but got no where. i see what i can do later.

i went and got food with the guys. i'm going to eat now

more style stuff

have been thinking about the styles thing. trying to think of some sort of new calendar to make. can't think of anything except for little changes to text. has anyone made a new calendar and is using it? i'm just not being very creative right now, i guess.

so instead, i'll play with my friends page. i've been looking at other people's journal with my style to see what it looks like. making changes to make it look better. want to see an example? I'd like to see that current mood/music/weather/etc thing be used so i know how it looks on this style.