July 18th, 2000


working with dog shit

i'm at work. this is much too early for me.
so far i'm not having a good day. somehow i stepped in dog shit at my house on my way too the car. i didn't notice until i was well on my way. i keep on thinking, what's that smell? then i noticed. i pulled over and tried to remove as much as possible, but there still is some there. i need some running water and a brush. icky.

i need some coffee. and no one has walked on my back yet. someone, anyone? my only rules are one at a time and no high heels. is that too picky?

(no subject)

hungry. very hungry right now. but fortunately i will be going to lunch soon. after lunch, i'm going to the data center to work on the console stuff.

later in the day, i need to do the following.
1. stop by my sister's house and get the things i left there.
2. call a car stereo place and make an appointment to get the stereo installed.

this is as good as it gets. this is the best.

pending dvds

Here is the list of dvds i'm waiting for. This is so I know what i'm waiting for. dates at the end of the name is the release date if it's not out yet.

1. American Beauty - 10/24
2. Ghost Dog - 8/15
3. Clerks
4. Independence Day
5. Ghost in The Shell
6. Lain - Navi
7. Lain - Knights
8. Lain - Deus
9. Lain - Reset
10. Terminator 2 - Judgement day - 8/29
11. Marilyn Manson - Demystifying the Devil - 8/29
12. Wallace & Gromit
13. Magnolia - 8/29

I think that's all of them. It's all the ones I have received email about.

working on styles

i haven't had anything to do for the past hour, so i have been working on my style. i'm going to enter the contest. i've got to hurry up, though because it ends on the 20th. i haven't made a calendar page, or a day page. i'll do that tonight. i haven't had this much fun web designing for a while. in fact, i think it was when i made my styles in the first place.

home from work

home from work. traffic sucked today. i stopped by my sister's house and got the playstation and my cellphone charger. no plans tonight. anyone want to do something?