July 17th, 2000


the green mile

i just finished watching the green mile. why did i miss this movie in the theaters? it's an amazing, beautiful film. i can't remember the last time i cried during a movie. wow. i see why it got nominated. i need to think about that movie some more.

i'm going to bed now. have to get up and go to work in the morning. feh.

i'm awake! don't want to be, though

i'm awake now. my dad woke me up and won't let me sleep anymore. feh

now i'm playing around online. fun fun. i wanted to check some status order on dvds that are shipping, and i just checked and for some reason, it's downloading some file that's 1500K. the web page is really slow, too. i mean i'm on a modem, but this is crazy. feh again

well, going to get ready for the day.

working man

i'm at work. me and erin carpooled today. i arrived today and there is a small list of things that need to get done. that's nice when i don't have to look for things to do.

(no subject)

work is moving along slowly. but that's ok. going to get something to drink, then it's time to listen to peace orchestra. ah yea.

one more note.
my back hurts. does someone want to walk on it? ouch ouch ouch.

watched x-men again. feeling funny now

i'm back from the movie. me and tim saw x-men. yea, i know i saw it once before, but it's very entertaining. :)

right now, i have this strange feeling all over me. i'm not sure how to describe it. it's like when someone takes their finger, and puts it in front of your face really close, but not touching. but it doesn't feel completely like that because no one is here. makes me wish someone was here, and i could have that human contact.....


bored bored bored.
played games for a little bit. i can't stay up too late because i need to get to work earlier then i have been. that means no carpool, unless erin doesn't mind leaving a couple hours earlier.