July 10th, 2000


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went to evan's. watched ghost in the shell. fucking amazing movie. i must buy that. after that, we sat around. watched parts of south park then i left. now i'm back, and am going to download some south park for myself.

south park

i love being on a fast connection. i just watched a couple south park episodes. so very funny. i also watched the south park skit that they did at the video music awards. oh my god. again, so very funny. i've got to go to sleep now. work tomorrow.

American Beauty on DVD

american beauty has been anounced for dvd. the release date is 10/24/00. here are some stats on the disc.
MSRP: $26.99
# of disc: 1
Audio commentary by Sam Mendes (director) and Alan Ball (scriptwriter)
Storyboard with commentary by Sam Mendes and Conrad L. Hall (Directory of photography)
"Making of" Featurette
DVD-ROM special features
Production notes
Two trailers

so nothing really special, but the commentary will be cool. I will order it when the date gets a little closer, and it's listed on more places.